Rubix is the first green blockchain founded on Web3 using Proof-of-Pledge protocol

Rubix is a Global Web3 Platform

Rubix is a L1 blockchain protocol for peer-to-peer data transfers and transactions. The first green blockchain platform in the world, Rubix is powered by a breakthrough, revolutionary Proof-of-Pledge technology. As a global authority on the potential of Web3 and Web5 to solve society’s most pressing problems, Rubix is a shared, decentralized and secure community


Rubix is Green

Rubix is a distinctly green blockchain thanks to its unparalleled Proof-of-Pledge architecture, a clean alternative to mining-intensive Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake methods deployed by other coins. This revolutionary protocol allows each transaction to achieve finality without expensive mining. With zero gas fees, Rubix is in a unique position to serve as a tool to curb climate change, rather than contribute to it.

Rubix has a number of applications within the environmental sector. Its decentralized architecture ensures transparency in ESG reporting, preventing greenwashing. Rubix’s technology is also the framework for climate change mitigation initiatives and activities within the metaverse.


The Difference

The Future

One billion devices are ready to onboard with Rubix. Its robust architecture is rapidly expanding, cementing its place as the nextgen platform of tomorrow, already positioned for Web5. The clean, decentralized blockchain is powering the next generation of deep tech development to solve society’s biggest challenges.


The Team


At Rubix, you will be working with talented, interesting, ambitious, and humble people who are passionate about developing new internet from ground up.

Blockchain Engineer

Hyderabad, India

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The Network

The Rubix chain is lightweight enough to run on laptops, desktops and virtual machines. Every node can be a validator while running normal business transactions in parallel. Rubix subnets offer enterprises flexibility, privacy and agility to process their internal transactions while providing transparency on the chain.


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